What successful people keep from you


You might have that feeling that you are not complete; that you are so limited; And that there are so many things you do not know, if not you would have been where your peers, mentors, boss, colleagues or heroes are at the moment.

You desire their lifestyle; their dress sense; their environment; their elegance and even their composure. They appear to you to be living in a world of perfection while yours seems to be riddled with holes and incomplete puzzles.

You have struggled to get to where they are, having applied so many formulas, rules and principles just to be like them- to be in that world where EVERYTHING is cool and free flowing.

Yet there are things you won’t know about them which I am about to reveal (smiles):
You won’t know that they also have STRUGGLES,
You won’t know that they are NUMEROUS things they don’t knowledge of,
You won’t know that they grew through MISTAKES,
You won’t know that they have also made WRONG CHOICES,
You won’t know that they experience FEAR,
You won’t know that their PAST was also filled with TEARS,
You won’t know that in between their SUCCESSES, they still DOUBTED,
You won’t know that there are times they had GIVEN UP only to rebounce,
You won’t know they also passed through that PROCESS it appears you are stuck in.

So don’t be too hard on yourself. It is part of the growing phase. It shows that the wings on the inside are gradually coming out and very soon you would begin to fly.

The truth is that you can’t know everything at once and it does not change anything about YOU. Though you can take A STEP at a time and be you.

You won’t know now that a time would come when you would look back and be grateful for that phase.

Published by

Emmanuel Aginam

Passionate about building self esteem and self confidence. Always a LEARNER.

7 thoughts on “What successful people keep from you”

  1. Nice write up and you summed it up correctly. Our journeys towards success is a process which may be filled with bumps on the road. The key is to never give up. Keep pushing until you break the boundaries!!!

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