If there was any word I was scared of while growing up,
It was that word. Even up till this moment, I am still scared of it. Yea! You heard me.

They made me believe I got to present myself perfect & if I can’t, I should just remain in the shadows.
It kept me as a supporting speaker in debates I was meant to be the chief speaker( don’t just create any idea in your head about …)

I ran
I seriously ran,
This was more than the Olympics,
It was a battle of survival for me,
I thought that was the best way for me to remain safe.
I ran from responsibilities.

Guess what,
I was badly affected by them( you thought so too right😊),
Spiritually – don’t make me climb up the “pulpit”,
Physically – don’t beam the lights on me,
Socially – I think my been alone should suffice,
Materially – I have no idea how that should manifest.

Ghen! Ghen!!
I am still scared yet beginning to embrace mistakes,
Its skins were hard at first but it seems I’m beginning to rest in it,
Coz I know mistakes are pathway to progress and not a hindrance,
And growth is actually CONTINUAL throughout existence.


Published by

Emmanuel Aginam

Passionate about building self esteem and self confidence. Always a LEARNER.

19 thoughts on “WARNING: MISTAKES”

  1. Great one bro. Mistakes are pathway to success. No failure no success. The man that invent bulb tried so many times, but at the end he succeeded.

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