via Daily Prompt: Guilty


Absolutely you’ve caught yourself doing that same thing again. Promises upon promises have been made. Will power has been exerted on this. Even you might have begged the universe and it appears you still did it.

Maybe you took that extra calorie that must be avoided. Maybe you sipped a little more of that alcoholic drink after all the therapy and withdrawal. Maybe you procrastinated once again on that important item on your to-do list. Maybe you failed to show up after inner resolution to ignore the bullies and critics. Hmm! And as expected, feelings of GUILT overwhelm you; wondering what you can do to overcome.

Yes! I was also ‘drenched’ in those self defeating thoughts until I realize that; What if it is never about the destination (so to say) but living FULLY ALIVE? What if we are getting ourselves PREPARED by our intermediate falls for something far bigger and brighter? What if it has never been about PERFECTION but PROGRESS? What if it is not about showing we are good on the outside but actually ‘knowing’ we are?

Come to think of it, NOBODY is actually perfect, as there is one area we are trying to master or take full control of. Everyone is actually learning except such persons intend to deceive him/herself(as that is the greatest deceit).

You do not necessarily have to take that giant leap, small LITTLE steps are enough. It is all about PROGRRSS even if it is SLOW because it makes you come alive in unimaginable ways. So you can actually be GUILTY & take that staggering step forward again with smiles